Increased project complexity, skill shortages, squeezed margins and rising costs are all driving intense & disruptive change for Professional Services. Can your PPM Tool deliver the strategic focus you need to deliver profitable growth?

It's time to adapt and deliver value.


Take the Complexity Out of Managing Complex Projects

Deliver better business results

From unravelling knotty legal issues to getting to the nub of a process problem, integrating incompatible IT to negotiating the finest details of an acquisition, clients turn to you to solve the most difficult issues.But just because you deal in complexity, it doesn’t mean your operations need to be complex. In fact, the simpler and more streamlined your own processes and projects, the more profitable and effective you will be. KeyedIn can be your ally in achieving this simplicity − giving you the tools you need to manage projects and programs more knowledgeably, more efficiently and more profitably. See what this means in practice.

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Synchronize Service Delivery and Customer Demand

Cope with change

KeyedIn Projects helps you manage project change more effectively – making sure your customers, and your own team, know exactly what the potential impact of modifications will be. That means you can keep your costs and their expectations realistic. Download our Ideas in Action, Coping with change whitepaper, to find out how. Coping with change explains how KeyedIn Projects can help you respond more effectively and intelligently when customer demands evolve, you need to take action. It shows how the best answer isn’t to simply leap into action, but instead to ensure that both your customers, and your own team, understand the consequences on delivery costs and deadlines. KeyedIn Projects gives you the tools to do just that, providing full visibility of budgets and schedules and enabling you to assess fully the impact of any proposed changes. That means you can manage customer expectations more closely and so drive satisfaction.


Increase Project Visibility and Performance through Improved Project Control

Raise project standards

KeyedIn Projects offers a straightforward way to standardize the way your projects are managed and delivered – and an equally straightforward set of tools that ensure team members play their part: updating progress and collaborating effectively. Together, that means project managers are able to operate from a position of true visibility, at all times. Download Raising Project Standards, our latest Ideas in Action white paper, to find out more. Raising project standards explains how KeyedIn Projects helps you introduce best practice across every aspect of service delivery. It demonstrates the importance of standardization for planning and reporting processes in particular, so that any issues which could compromise project performance are pinpointed early. It also highlights how, giving your team user-friendly online tools to track progress, record expenses and the like, you can maintain greater visibility of your project costs and timings from start to finish. KeyedIn Projects puts you in complete control of your project delivery – and helps ensure your team consistently deliver the same standard of service excellence.


Discover How Visibility Transforms Strategic Resource Management

Deliver outstanding results

t’s time to consign resource management squabbles to history with KeyedIn Projects. KeyedIn Projects gives you complete visibility of exactly who is scheduled to work on what, when − so there are no nasty surprises mid−project. Then, based on that comprehensive real−time information, KeyedIn Projects supports long−term planning. It can influence project selection − no more wasted time pitching for work that an over−committed team won’t be able to deliver − and scheduling: take account of existing workload in creating timelines. It can even feed into long−term resourcing strategies, whether that means highly targeted recruitment to acquire the skills that will be in demand, or individual training and development, to nurture the next generation.


Drive Improved Project Performance Through Continuous Collaboration

Deliver project success

It’s project management 101: success only comes when the project team works as one. But in many cases, the only thing gluing together the disparate mix of sub-teams from across the business is you. That means collaboration only occurs when you make it happen. Knowledge is only shared when you facilitate it. And the wealth of past experience that your ‘team’ can bring is rarely applied to its full potential. If you’re looking for a better way to bring your team together, then KeyedIn Projects could be the answer KeyedIn Projects provides a platform for continuous collaboration throughout and across your projects and programs. It enables you to create a single repository of all project data, interactions, discussions and documents. It also builds a comprehensive project archive, making it easy to refer to previous projects for costing purposes or to revisit issues encountered. The result: the whole project team can draw on the expertise within your business on an ongoing basis – not just in the brainstorm at the start and the lessons learned meeting at the end.


Take the Element of Chance out of Profitable Project Delivery

Ensure quality

No customer testimonial praises the clarity of your Gantt charts. No matter how elegant and scrupulous your planning, it all comes to nought unless you deliver − on time, on budget, and to the quality the customers want. That’s why the most important features of KeyedIn Projects aren’t the planning and scheduling tools. Instead, they’re the elements that are there to ensure you deliver on time, every time. Like reporting tools and built−in alerts that make sure you’re informed the moment a deadline is missed. Constant cashflow monitoring that means you always exactly where you stand from the financial perspective, even against ever tighter budgets. And overarching visibility of all tasks and all contingencies, that make it possible for you to reallocate resources intelligently, in seconds. These tools ensure that the effort you put into planning doesn’t go to waste. They ensure that your customers are satisfied with your organisation. Above all, they ensure that when reporting back to the board, you can show clear profit and all targets met, time after time.


Bring New Levels of Agility to Managing Employee Utilization

Increase billable hours

The more billable hours your people work, the more you earn. And if you can increase those hours without increasing headcount, then profitability goes up too. But before you start tearing up contracts and insisting on a 72 hour week, here’s an approach that can help you deliver more billable hours, without expecting staff to work longer. Because KeyedIn Projects gives you a true organisational view of resources and a fully up-to-date insight into project requirements, it enables you to allocate resources more effectively and respond rapidly to changes in workload. Instead of your fee-earners being left in limbo by a project delay, they can be redeployed quickly, where they’re needed most.


Explore the True Cost of Project Administration

Liberate project managers

The clue’s in the name: you’re a project manager, not a mere administrator. Your goal is to manage – to anticipate and resolve issues, support project teams and work with your peers to secure delivery across the bigger program. Not just reporting, reconciling, invoicing. KeyedIn Projects gives you the freedom to do exactly that, through advanced automation capabilities that release you from the admin burden. Weekly reports are automatically generated from the latest data on the system. Invoices are created automatically, as soon as you mark a stage complete. So instead of spending all your time updating the status report, you can spend your time ensuring that everything stays on track. More rewarding? Undoubtedly. More beneficial to the business? Infinitely.


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