We are so excited to formally announce the latest updates to our industry-leading project portfolio management tool —designed to increase productivity and improve Agile delivery! With this new release, customers are able to place the right bets by leveraging a variety of new portfolio-level reporting options and deliver faster with a new Kanban-style Task Board, to complement KeyedIn’s existing portfolio-level Kanban tools.

PowerPoint Templates and Reporting

Reporting has always been one of the top pain points for users of PPM (and other tools). The latest release of KeyedIn v7.3 allows customers to design their own PowerPoint reports, including portfolio status reporting packs. Functions like PowerPoint output for amendments and sourced data from KeyedIn for standard reports are all possible within this release.

KeyedIn v7.3 now offers the iFrame widget, which allows users to embed external sites into KeyedIn dashboards. Are there any Power BI users out there that this speaks to? Us, too. You’ll no longer have to leave your dashboard within KeyedIn to build out external reports or datapoints from an external source.

Kanban-Style Task Board

KeyedIn v7.3 has a new, innovate approach to Agile task management. Having the functionality to visualize tasks as tiles on a “Kanban-style” board view, with the ability to drag and drop them into different columns or statuses will be a major benefit to Agile teams. With the Task Board, customers will also be able to view and edit additional task information “on the fly,” bringing the true meaning of Agile - able to move quickly and easily - to life.

Richer Integrations and Administration Improvements
Along with the major functionality shifts above, KeyedIn v7.3 has enhanced its administration and integration capabilities: Business Entities, Financial Entities, Security Entities, Benefit Actuals, and more, have all been enhanced and built for a stronger performance in KeyedIn v7.3.

On behalf of our customer success and development teams, we would like to thank our loyal customers and KeyedIn users for their feedback and using our product. We are excited to see the initial support and reception of these features. Hopefully you can see KeyedIn remains committed to the success of our customers.

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