Easily Align Resources Across your Business Transformation and Change Programmes

Easily Align Resources Across your Business Transformation and Change Programmes

KeyedIn Projects resource search and supply management helps fulfil program demand in the most efficient manner, ensuring you have the right people at the right time in the right place for every project and program in your portfolio. When projects change, fast and easy resource adjustment ensures the program is resupplied and re-balanced. Our enterprise-level program management software helps you keep focused on utilisation for efficiency, as well as capacity planning to ensure current and future balance of resources.

Build demand at Enterprise-level

Program-level resource demand is entered through authorized role-based forecasts, which can also be rolled up from the underlying project-level forecasts or detailed task planning. Forecasts are entered and maintained in a familiar grid-style format with a host of wizard tools specifically designed to manage changes in demand quickly.

Identify demand by project and role

Unallocated resource demand is highlighted by project and period and can be viewed by role across the team and department hierarchy.

Identify allocation inefficiencies

The system automatically highlights when a project and role have been allocated too much resource for the demand, enabling you to adjust the supply to its correct level and freeing the resource for other use.

Find the right people to meet demand

With a large base of resources, finding the right people for a project can be a challenge. We developed the supply search as a wizard to help you target the people who fit the profile by a combination of availability, role, department, skill and location.

Allocate supply to demand

Resources are allocated to project demand by period using a grid-style display that also shows the supply allocations, capacity and remaining demand for the chosen resource. Supply can be entered period by period or automatically using the supply tools.

Manage project timeline changes

When a project’s timeline changes, the supply has to be adjusted accordingly. Existing supply allocations can be adjusted period by period manually, for a more granular approach, or you can use the supply tools to delay or advance the supply in bulk.

Prevent duplicated supply

Resource supply managers can claim for themselves projects or roles within projects to prevent other supply managers duplicating effort.

Analyze where your resources are being used

The resource usage plan can be analyzed by role, team and department hierarchy to show the individual resources and their allocated projects by period.

Keep utilization optimized

Utilization can be viewed as a configurable RAG indicator by resource and period, with drill down by role, team and department hierarchy.

Gain immediate resource insight

Resource demand, capability and supply can be viewed by period graphically and in tabular form to provide an invaluable, high-level snapshot of the current resource status by role, team or department hierarchy.

Export to Excel

The resource plan, demand and over-supply details can be exported to Excel for offline analysis.

With KeyedIn we saw the power of having all our data in one place."

Tom Dougherty - Sr. Product Owner | The Riverstone Group

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