Simplify Project Expense Management

Simplify Project Expense Management

KeyedIn Projects automates the expense claim management and submission process by providing a quick and easy to use tool to capture and track all of your project expenses. KeyedIn's project management software has been specifically designed to provide organizations with a disciplined approach to managing expenses, ensuring all project expenditure is captured and recharged efficiently and effectively. KeyedIn Projects is quick and easy to use and is highly configurable to support even the most complex of expense management requirements.

Easily input Out of Pocket and Credit Card Expenses

KeyedIn Projects lets your employees quickly and efficiently capture all of their out of pocket and credit card expenses via a simple, easy to use, expense entry interface.

Enter Expenses against Projects and Expense Types

Users can easily select the project they have worked on and the expense type they have incurred. For ease of use, KeyedIn Projects supports the input of both lump sum and unit based expenses.

Automatically Calculate Sales Tax

Whenever a user inputs a new expense into KeyedIn Projects the associated sales tax is automatically calculated. This reduces data entry errors and speeds up the expense approval and billing processes.

Enter Unit Based Expenses

KeyedIn Projects supports the entry of unit based expenses such as mileage. Users simply select the appropriate mileage rate and enter the miles travelled. This feature is both useful for recharging mileage as well as allowing individuals to easily calculate their work expenses for use in self assessment tax returns.

Attach scanned receipts

KeyedIn Projects speeds up the expense claim and authorization process by allowing users to easily attach scanned receipts to expense claim submissions.

Easily Re-Charge Expenses to your projects

Improve your project profitability and cash flow by recharging your expenses to clients. With a single click users can easily flag individual expense entries as chargeable to the project.

Submit Expenses for Authorization and Payment

KeyedIn Projects includes an intuitive expense claim submission process. Users can easily create and submit expense claims for authorization and payment.

Easily View the Status of Expense Submissions

With KeyedIn Projects users are kept informed of the status of their expense claims at every stage of the process. Alerts and notifications instantly let users know when expenses have been approved, authorized and paid.

Accept or Reject Expense Reports

In order to ensure submitted expense claims are correct. KeyedIn Projects enables you to approve the individual expenses associated with each claim as well as authorize claims for reimbursement to the individual.

Pay or Refuse Expense Reports

KeyedIn Projects lets you notify users when expense claim submissions have been paid. With a few simple clicks, users can flag expenses as paid and provide the date of the transaction.

Fully Multi-Currency Enabled

KeyedIn Projects is fully multi-currency enabled. Allowing users to either submit their expenses in the currency incurred, or to submit expenses in their local currency and input the exchange rate used, for example, when using a personal credit card.

Import Expenses from Company Credit Cards

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily link up the expense claim process with your corporate credit card account. By importing company credit card expenses, your users will simply be prompted to allocate the expenses to the correct project and define whether it is chargeable. Everything else is taken care of by the system.

With KeyedIn we saw the power of having all our data in one place."

Tom Dougherty - Sr. Product Owner | The Riverstone Group

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