A Best Practice Guide to Delivering a Results-Driven Agile PMO

The PMO is now a key part of the organizational landscape. increasing the professionalism with which projects and programs are delivered, driving up standards and increasing the chances of project success. But those successes aren’t shared fairly between all PMOs. In fact, many PMO's are only realizing a fraction of their potential. Standards have improved, but they’re still not universal. More projects are delivered on time and budget, but some still miss the boat. And the vast amounts of data that PMOs collect about the way projects operate − the way the organization operates − are not routinely put to use to inform future project selection, estimating and planning. It’s time to take your PMO to the next level. Wherever you’re at, KeyedIn can help you raise standards, expand your influence, garner greater respect and above all deliver tangible improvements in project performance by automating and standardizing core project, program and portfolio management functions.

PMO Trends & Challanges

The PMO Outlook Report

Discover the latest trends and challanges faced by PMO's

In 2021, businesses were making strategic shifts to avoid the chaos that 2020 brought upon them through the unpredictable global pandemic. That being said, the PMO was forced to adapt, pivot, and start operating more strategically in line with the organization to succeed.

As this survey demonstrates, more PMOs were citing the increasing importance of prioritizing the right projects and supporting those with the right resources at the right time. For the rest, 2021 left major gaps in being able to deliver results based on misalignment of projects to strategic business initiatives leading to project failure.

By highlighting the challenges they face, PMOs are ensuring strategic alignment to portfolio initiatives, planning capacity against projects, and even stopping projects before they start if they don’t align with organizational goals. It ’s time for PMO leaders to stake their claim on driving the business forward. The results driven PMOs are becoming a center of excellence within an organization to drive business transformation and strategy delivery – ultimately providing the value executives and businesses desire.

Explore the key finding from the report including:

    • 86% of project practitioners report they do not have enough resources to meet project demands
    • 95% of project practitioners have had a project fail in the last year
    • 50% of project leaders aren’t using strategic insights to drive project prioritization
    • 71% of projects are not very well aligned with strategic business priorities.

Agile PMO

Become More Than Just a Status Quo PMO

Explore the changing role of the PMO and why to be a truely Results-Driven Agile PMO you need to take a business outcome focused approach.

Today, many PMOs are more focused on tracking, monitoring and reporting and not the management of crucial business outcomes. As PMOs strive to meet the challenge of becoming a value driver in an organization, it becomes apparent that a new approach and outlook must be taken. What separates those that rise to this challenge versus those that struggle to execute is how they are able to shift from processes to outcomes. Results-driven PMOs differ from traditional PMOs in that they incorporate strategic planning and management.

Hear KeyedIn’s Matt Muldoon walk through the key components of a results-driven PMO and what success looks like for PMO leaders.

PMO Governance

Artificial Intelligence for the PMO

Explore the threats and opportunites that Artificial Intelligence brings when raising your PMO governance standards and driving greater organizational agilty.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a developing technology for organizations seeking to advance their digital initiatives. In fact, for certain industries, particularly those already infused with digital applications, AI has become a standard component of their day-to-day operations. The scope of AI is evolving as more diverse industries are recognizing the benefits of AI, including its applications in supporting project portfolio management (PPM) tasks and the PMOs that perform them.

It might be tempting for many organizations to dismiss AI as a fad or unnecessary digitization, particularly when it comes to project portfolio management. Many stakeholders weigh the risk of AI implementation against the pain of growth and change and find only deficits. While these are all true and credible claims, there are undeniable truths that AI can help address for the growth and advancement of your PMO.

The good news for project and portfolio practitioners is that projects are an ideal environment for AI. For any repeatable project, machine learning capabilities can identify patterns and the opportunities are great for improvement and impact. Even for non-conventional projects, AI poses significant benefit in that it can automate many of the complex and ambiguous aspects of the planning and

analysis process.

AI can provide powerful benefits for PMOs looking to raise PMO governance standards, including:

  • Reduce Uncertainty
  • Eliminate Inconsistency
  • Improve Projections
  • Increase ROI and Business Value

PMO Framework

Transform Your PMO into a Value Center

Discover the importance of building and maturing a PMO framework focused on driving business value.

Are executives looking to you as a PMO leader to drive business value? Learn the keys to delivering real business value through your project management office and how to become a PMO hero in your organization.

Watch this webinar on-demand for how to transform your PMO into a value center. Hear from Tom Raper, Director of Solutions, at KeyedIn as he lays out the following:

    • What a value-based PMO looks like
    • Why a value driven PMO is important to organizations
    • How to become the value-based PMO hero in your organization

PMO Implementation Case Study


Discover how the PMO at Solenis doubled the number of projects they were able to complete in a given year

The secret? Not unlimited budgets or massive resource investments, but PMO performance improvements. Starting with project management education and growing into enterprise-wide portfolio management practices allowed the team at Solenis to mature their PMO process and build a lasting foundation for success.

Watch this webinar on-demand to hear from PMO leaders at Solenis, a global leader in water treatment process chemicals, and how they transformed their PMO to a value-contributing entity for business success. This session covers:

  • Evangelizing the PMO within the organization to demonstrate value delivery
  • Improving resource planning and execution for better results
  • Leveraging tools to aid decision making and collaboration throughout the business