KeyedIn sponsored a virtual project management event last week hosted by The event featured industry experts presenting on project management hot topics where project management enthusiasts across the world attended to gain insights about the latest challenges and opportunities in project portfolio management.

We thought it would be interesting to survey the event attendees with these three questions:

  1. What’s the biggest challenge you face today with your projects?
  2. Are you currently or planning to evaluate a PPM solution?
  3. What’s the size of your project management office (PMO)?

The results are in and….Survey Says!

  • PMOs of all sizes are faced with these top two challenges:
    • Resource management - tracking time, capacity and demand planning, all of it
    • Prioritization - we are constantly trying to hit moving targets
  • PMOs of all sizes are at different stages of their PMO maturity

Let’s talk about these findings in more detail.

Organizations of all sizes are faced with challenges and often those challenges are very similar for a small organization as well as a large organization, as the survey responses show. We talk to hundreds of project management professionals and often see the same trending topics come up in conversation - resource management and project prioritization. These two categories can be very difficult to achieve success with if you don’t have the right project management processes in place.

As for PMO maturity, this often depends on the type of PMO you are running today and if you have any PPM software in place to help automate the project management process. For many of the survey respondents, they said that they already have something in place, This is great! That means they have already invested in PPM software and are reaping the benefits of a solution that will standardize processes, increase visibility, and improve overall reporting. However, for those that responded they are currently looking or will be looking soon, they’ve determined that the challenges they are facing today in their PMO are too overwhelming and they need a solution to help them overcome the day to day roadblocks they experience today.

Now as a PPM software vendor, of course we encourage organizations with a PMO to go that route and implement a solution, but it’s not just because we offer those services. In fact, we have conversations with individuals daily about the ROI that our customers experience almost immediately after implementing a solution like KeyedIn.

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