How to Create Successful Global Resource Management

Poor Resource Management is at the root of some of the most pressing problems that PMOs, IT groups, service delivery organizations and others face.In fact, in recent research, Gartner reported that more than 35% of enterprise IT projects fail due to a variety of reasons. Number one on their list of reasons? Resource management.

We fail because most organizations, while they’re heavily invested in quality project management processes, have not instituted a disciplined and repeatable resource management process, or automated this process across organizational silos. Gartner research has shown, moreover, that “Organizations tend to overestimate the amount of slack available in their resource pool and over commit resources for pending projects and programs.” Other research regarding resource demand in PMOs has uncovered more troubling stats: “Based on 2016 IT key metrics data, more than half of organizations — some 58% — still have no high-level resource allocation process in place.”

This Resource Management eBook includes:

  • How to create a PMO in which resource utilization, high productivity and effective talent management are not the exception, but the rule
  • What you can do to incorporate just-in-time resource management into your PMO to retain talent, ensure KPIs are met and design the right global resource management processes
  • How project and resource management software can solve your resource demand, capacity, and forecasting issues