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No−one wants a reputation for overloading staff with unreasonable workloads. But for professional services organizations, the more billable hours your people work, the more you earn. The challenge is how to increase billable hours, without increasing headcount or increasing the stress and workload of each member of the team.

The answer lies in the way you deploy your people, so they spend more time on billable work and less time on the bench. Project management software for professional services can help.

KeyedIn Projects allows project managers to build teams, and schedules, based on a comprehensive knowledge of current commitments and proven skills − providing the best possible foundation for each project. When the project is underway, if there’s a delay elsewhere that puts your project on hold, centralized scheduling means your team can quickly and intelligently be redeployed to ensure they are not left idle. The result is that employees are more satisfied, margins are protected and resources used to best effect. 

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