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On-demand Webinar: Boosting Benefits

Learn how to ensure sponsor engagement, minimise delays and maximize benefits.

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Business uncertainty and an accelerated pace of change are driving PMOs to become more business outcome focused, yet very few are actively identifying or managing project benefits. For many, it is simply a lack of process or tools, for others, unclear communications, poor estimates, capacity gaps or limited governance all contribute to a lack of benefits realisation.

In this recorded webinar we take a look at the collective set of processes and practices required to identify benefits, align them with business strategy, as well as track their progress and status through the entire project lifecycle. Using PMO software as the demonstration platform we will explain how to ensure resources are invested effectively in order to deliver change fast. 

If you are looking to break down barriers to innovation, improve resource management or stakeholder engagement, this webinar will highlight:

  • How to manage the incoming demand for IT and business initiatives
  • How to generate accurate estimates
  • How to balance risk vs reward to achieve optimal value from your project portfolio
  • How to remove capacity gaps, continuously managing resource requirements in an active collaborative way
  • How to focus on critical milestones that provide operational insight
  • How to provide clear visibility into portfolio, financial and resource health
  • How to monitor and manage benefits to realization

Using KeyedIn Projects as the demonstration platform, this 45 minute power packed webinar will illustrate simple and effective ways to gain visibility and control fast.