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Every organization struggles with scattered information, multiple tools for the same goal, and different teams doing their own thing. Sometimes it feels like you are walking amongst the dead and can't get to a better place. But, there is a cure for the zombie apocalypse and KeyedIn wants to make sure you are aware of how to get it.

Bring your flashlight as we examine:

  • Spreadsheets tend to multiply faster than aliens in an outer space lab, but they can be controlled, or even completely eradicated.
  • There are many weapons to deal with your monster. Garlic, a cross, or daylight may ward off evil temporarily, but eventually you are faced with too many decisions of what works best to survive the night. 
  • Perhaps you are in the common horror film plot where each character ventures off on their own and has an unpleasant ending. Getting your teams working together ensures survival, success, and making it to the sequel.