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Welcome to 2021, a year of collective hope and opportunity. For the project management office (PMO), much of the past year was spent in chaos trying to navigate a very challenging and uncertain environment. But while 2021 brings no more guarantees than the year before, it is helpful to review and reflect upon some of the challenges to help build a new future.

In the latter part of the year, KeyedIn conducted a survey to get an understanding of the challenges and goals of the PMO. We surveyed hundreds of project practitioners from various levels of the organization to uncover some key insights to help moving forward.

Watch this webinar on-demand to hear the outcomes of this assessment and learn more about what helped PMO leaders through a year of change. We’ll cover:

  • Top insights from survey results
  •  Key trends and consistencies for the year ahead
  • Recommendations for PMO leaders in 2021.