Portfolio Management. A Strategic Approach.

Organizations are rethinking their portfolio planning practices from annual, project-based planning to continuous product-oriented planning to drive toward desired business outcomes. In order to achieve this, PMO leaders must support their business partners to build fast-paced, integrated planning and delivery cycles and measure toward outcomes rather than deliverables. Explore these free resources and industry leading insights to discover what is required for strategic portfolio management in today' enterprise and how to make the transition to become a results-driven PMO.

Featured Resource

How to Build Your Strategic Portfolio Management Maturity

Understand where your strategic portfolio management maturity stands today and learn how to build it to be more strategic

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring Forrester analyst, Margo Visitacion, as she covers how strategic portfolio management practices enable an organization to identify and select necessary investments needed to deliver high value products and services to its customers. SPM is more than an administrative exercise. It helps organizations identify clear vision and goals that provides the focus for value driven prioritization and smart capacity management. PMO leaders must work closely with their technology and business peers to build practices to create data driven process that supports end to end planning and delivery.

This webinar explores:

  • How to identify where your organization sits on the maturity curve
  • How to move from disconnected project portfolio management to integrated product portfolio management
  • The PMO’s role in supporting that transformation

Best Practices for Strategic Portfolio Management

Explore the trends that driving the need for continuous planning and benefits of adopting a continuous planning model and discover why agility is a prerequisite for firms to continuously execute on their digital strategy.

Featured Use Case

The Link between Corporate Strategy and Portfolio Management

Learn how Ossur successfully aligned Corporate Strategy and Portfolio Management

Learn how Ossur successfully aligned Corporate Strategy and IT Portfolio Management. As a global leader in orthopaedics, Ossur manages diversified operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Svavar G. Svavarsson, Director of IT Project Office, will discuss the important challenges his organization faced and successes accomplished for the Executive, Portfolio Management, Program Management and Project Management levels.

This webinar is an update of our highly attended session at the recent Gartner PPM Summit in London. Per attendee feedback from that session, this is an event you won’t want to miss. Watch the recording of the event now.

Strategic Portfolio Management Articles

Digital business requirements are transforming how we measure success in the high-performance portfolio. Where we once were only customer-aware, we have now become customer-led. This means that we use customer requirements as the centre of everything our portfolio is trying to accomplish. Explore these strategic portfolio management articles to learn how to structure and execute your portfolios for the highest strategic value.

7 Lessons for Strategic Portfolio Management

To build a strategic PMO, our data must include insights about the customer of today and tomorrow. These data-driven decisions used to have to be perfect to be useful—now they have to be fast to respond to stakeholder expectations and customer-driven innovation in the marketplace. Discover why all functions and departments that are customer-facing (from sales to procurement and from finance to customer service) must collaborate and connect—silos to deliver a results-driven PMO.

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Four Ways to Create Strategic Value With Portfolio Planning

Poor project performance is often directly linked to bad strategic planning. Even well-performing projects can lead to poor profit margins for the enterprise. But if aligning projects across the enterprise against a strategic plan is critically important, why isn’t it happening? There are many fundamental challenges with traditional planning methods including the fact that most organizations plan annually and iterate quarterly or monthly. Explore this article to discover 4 best practices to unlock your strategic planning potnetial.

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