KeyedIn Releases New Features to Advance Strategic Portfolio Management in Latest v7.2 Update

Matt Muldoon

We are excited to release the latest version of our leading project portfolio management software that builds on our strategic vision of helping our customers be strategic. In this release we have focused on three key areas to continue our support during changing times and continuing uncertainty: product portfolio management, dynamic resource modeling and new reporting widgets.

Product Portfolio Management

Many of the challenges we have been seeing through our customers over the years have been intensified by the recent pandemic and economic uncertainty. In order to address these challenges and build back better , our customers are working to become more productive, efficient and strategic with their portfolio of projects. In many cases, this means managing more than just projects in the traditional sense (those that have a defined start and end date) but also managing products that are ongoing and evolutionary in nature. In order to support this, we have developed Product Portfolio Management features to allow strategically focused organizations to visualise and track an organisation-wide view of product, project, strategy or value stream performance. This provides the ability to report on relationships, links, and dependencies between products and projects, as well as managing financials and cross-charging.

Dynamic Resource Modeling

Resource management has always been a challenge for teams to get right and operating under changing resource requirements has added to those challenges. In our latest release of KeyedIn, we’ve built on our recently released Integrated Agile Resourcing with Dynamic Resource Modeling. This increased flexibility allows changes in forecasts that are yet to be approved for quick re-planning, and enables faster decision making on short term, rapidly changing priorities. The benefit of this update is to provide improved resource planning by ensuring the capacity of resources meets the demand to deliver while also keeping utilization metrics in place before a plan is approved. Additionally, and complementary to this update, a number of improvements and new features have been introduced to simplify ongoing maintenance activities such as enhanced search features, auto-fill role requests, and automatic updates to the forecast when amendments get added. A number of other enhancements include:

  • Balance over or under supply with new ability to view and edit existing resource supply directly from Resource Request view
  • Re-allocate existing supply between individuals via drag-and-drop directly to the resource plan
  • Quicker reallocation of supply or assignments of completed projects
  • New supply auditing to record when updates were made and by whom.

Gantt Report Widgets

The latest release of KeyedIn in version 7.2 also brings with it updates to the Gantt chart and report widgets to create informative dashboards with custom reporting. The major updates highlight the ability to report on time-based data that shows date, duration and dependency-based items. This can be used in parallel with the Product Portfolio Management link to see roadmaps with both project and product components In addition, standard reporting has been reengineered in the report writer, building on the success of the latest report writer release to allow:

  • Standard chart and data reports created using the interactive point-and-click interface
  • Access to powerful customization options and new features from the widget writer
  • Substantial improvements to the Excel export which now supports custom and conditional formatting
  • A conversion option for existing reports for convenience.

On behalf of our development and customer success teams, we would like to thank our loyal customers and users for their feedback and testing of our product, for providing input and requests, and for providing us the opportunity to serve them in this unique and trying time. We are excited to see the initial support and reception of these features and hopeful of the wider adoption and use as they are rolled out to the broader customer base. KeyedIn is committed to the success of our customers and honored to share in their journey.