KeyedUp 2020: Unlock the Power of Your Portfolio

Tim Short

The excitement is growing because we are only six weeks away from our KeyedUp Conference where we take a deep dive into KeyedIn solutions, plus the latest trends in PPM, PMO methodology and transformative digital tools. You are probably not surprised to learn that we are doing this as a virtual conference, with the expectation of a live event going forward. Virtually or in-person, we intend to deliver an annual program that is powerful, highly informative, and a great investment of your time. KeyedUp will be free to attend and live on Wednesday, September 16th, 2020.

This year, KeyedUp 2020 will be tacking some of the year’s most talked about topics including Agile Portfolio Management, PMO best practices and the power of the KeyedIn Projects solution to help you improve (possibly transform) your organization as we enter into a brand new way of life — and business. This is your chance to hear one-on-one from the KeyedIn team and take a deep dive into KeyedIn's capabilities. It’s all completely free and 100% virtual!

Speaking of virtual … while we would certainly love to see everyone’s smiling faces in person, there are some excellent benefits to taking KeyedUp 2020 virtual — the most important being more access for more people. This year you won’t have to worry about travel or time off because you can participate from the comfort of your home or office. This event will be the most valuable conference of the year for customers (and prospective customers) who want to learn about all things KeyedIn and receive the latest and greatest tips, insights and answers to their most pressing questions.

This year, we have three different tracks attendees can select from to ensure they maximize the return on their time: technical, business and explorer. Each track is packed with business and technical planning lessons, as well as new strategies, tips, tricks and plenty of opportunities to network with industry peers and KeyedIn experts. 

For Customers: Unlock the Power of Your Portfolio

Designed exclusively for current KeyedIn customers, “Unlock the Power of Your Portfolio” offers a series of 40-minute sessions devoted to helping you create a masterful portfolio strategy that delivers the high value sought by every team. The sessions are organized in two tracks. Track one covers the technical side: best practices for portfolio prioritization, leveraging workflows and using productive capacity and demand status to plan your resources. Track two covers the business side, including helpful tips for transitioning to Agile portfolio management, choosing the right KPIs and top-down, bottom-up planning and scheduling.

You will finish your sessions equipped with key insights and the best practice knowledge from KeyedIn's product team to make the most of your KeyedIn solution. More than that, you’ll feel empowered to make the changes necessary to change your portfolio and your organization into a flexible, Agile powerhouse — no matter your industry.

For the Curious: The Explorer Track

Are you looking to take your PPM game to the next level but want more information before making the leap? We expect nothing less from a diligent PMO leader or an experienced project manager, which is why we created this special third track just for you. After all, planning is, quite literally, your business. The Explorer Track was developed for PMOs and project managers who are hoping to learn more about the ins and outs of KeyedIn’s PPM solutions: how they work, their benefits, and why you should start considering them for your PPM strategy.

Pop in and out of five different 40-minute sessions that will touch on topics like how to build a business case for PPM and gain buy-in from key stakeholders, or how to create an Agile PPM checklist. Current KeyedIn customers will even be available to share their experiences with their products and provide unique ideas to inspire you in your own business. You will also get the opportunity to learn the best reasons for embarking on this journey, and topics such as why you need to get rid of spreadsheets. You can also view KeyedIn product demos that will show you just what you’ve been missing by not taking PPM digital. 

Virtual Networking Opportunities

One of the key reasons that professionals love to attend conferences is the opportunity to network. While our conference has gone fully-virtual this year, we haven’t let networking fall through the cracks. Enhancing virtual collaboration is a cornerstone of both our products and our mission, so we have worked hard to infuse that philosophy into this year’s conference. You’ll get opportunities to pose your toughest questions to our KeyedIn speakers and hear the pressing concerns your fellow professionals are facing, as well.

There is no better time than right now to begin leveraging digital resources to make your business as agile and flexible as possible. We can’t wait to show you how KeyedIn can help you advance your organization to new heights with comprehensive digital PPM tools and the latest in Agile PPM strategies.