Mobile Project Management - Checklist of 6 Key Features

Henry Bennett

As anywhere access flourishes from consumer consumption to business, mobile’s trend is increasing in velocity, and the convenience of speed is propelling it.

It’s making its much-needed mark on project management, with project management software vendors providing mobile apps, as well as tablet and phone access to extend usability and reach to everyone, everywhere.

Synchronised with the user’s system, today’s project management apps enable users to gather and access critical project information, assist with resource task assignments, plan upcoming workload with links to project contacts, while entering timesheets and expenses on the move.

Security is inherited from the host site, with standard user credentials enabling usage of the app. All relevant and authorised projects, assignments, clients, activities and expense types are collected and organised in real time.

Below is a checklist of the key features required for successful mobile project management:

  • Task Assignments – view currently assigned tasks by resource
  • Project Contacts – access clients and contacts with full integration with the mobile’s telephone, email and GPS capabilities
  • Timesheet Maintenance – manage historic timesheets and enter new ones against authorised projects, tasks and assignments
  • Expense Maintenance – review historic claims and enter expense items against projects and expense types, along with attached receipt images, build and submit claims and monitor payment status
  • Automated Synchronisation – incorporate projects, activities and expense reporting in real-time
  • Integrated Security – use the same credentials as when accessing the main Cloud-based PPM system

Users report the project management app’s time saving convenience as their utilisation driver – it enables them to chronicle easily forgotten details as they happen. Project team members benefit from current, real-time status updating. Project management appreciates their team’s inter-connectivity.