Resource demand management and capacity management tools empower your PMO to bring the most benefit to your organisation. KeyedIn Projects, with built-in resource request, allocation and utilisation platform tools, is the gold standard in resource capacity planning. With these assets, you have visibility and control to forecast demand and recalibrate your resource utilisation as the business –not your own limitations—demand.      

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Resource Demand Planning Excellence is a Priority for Smart PMO Leaders

Ensured resource control to keep everything else on schedule

A single version of the truth in your KeyedIn PPM platform allows you to have a true grasp of not only resource utilisation at any point in time, but whether you can pivot to help your business partners retain competitive advantage and/or protect the bottom line. High-value projects demand that your best resources are in the right place at the right time. Don’t leave resource demand planning to chance. When demand is aligned with high-value resource capacity your PMO will deliver valuable results.
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Resource Capacity Planning for Profitable, Timely Outcomes

Value-based resource allocation decisions protect profits

When you can analyse your resource capacity against demand for any type of project at a role and/or department level, you have the ability to highlight capacity shortfalls to help identify new hires. Whatever the structure of your portfolio, with agile or waterfall project teams at work, resource demand issues put the entire project at risk of failure. KeyedIn Projects allows you to use templates that deliver role-based resource request processes to manage resource capacity challenges with ease. A collabourative, resource allocation system of measurable checks and balances keep everyone on the same page and your resources themselves happily on task and less engaged in firefighting.  

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Resource Demand Planning Best Practices Enabled by PPM

Empower the PMO with resource management process improvements

Resource utilisation transparency allows you to underscore your resource allocation decisions with facts allowing you to change start dates or alter new projects to resolve capacity conflicts. User friendly filters allow you to see details such as location to optimise project resource planning.  What’s more, with the KIP platform’s built-in best practices, your resource demand planning tools for forecasting, scenario planning, templating, role assignments lock in real results. WATCH WEBINAR

From Start to Finish, Resource Supply Decisions Control PMO Health

Resource allocation finally on solid ground

Cost-effective resource allocation and capacity control will do more in minimizing project cost overruns, missed deadlines and unhappy customers than nearly any other element in the portfolio. KeyedIn Projects provides a central repository that captures every aspect of your resource utilisation and allocation.

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Forecast Resource Needs with What-If Scenario Modelling

Resource forecasts made easy with KeyedIn Projects

Scenario-planning and forecasting for resource allocation decisions become matter-of-course when your tool optimises the entire view, across the enterprise. The actual data from past and current projects turns into analytics to power resource scenario modelling. You now can protect your portfolio from unforeseen shortages and overruns and protect each project team from disruptions that cost money, time and their partners’ valuable trust.  


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