Regulations, disruptive technology, new competitors and a restive customer base are all driving intense and disruptive change in the Banking industry. But can your existing PPM Tool deliver the strategic focus you need for sustainable growth?

It's time to adapt and deliver value.


Take a More Strategic Business Outcome Focused Approach to PPM

Automate processes with accuracy and reliability

With KeyedIn Projects you can adopt a streamlined approach to project management across all services and outputs, providing a more cohesive relationship between business functions and IT. Base your business' strategic planning, program, portfolio and demand management on an accurate and productive solution for a reliable method of allocating deliverables, resources and investments. A better approach to resource management and planning also allows a more succinct approach to risk management and impact.

Base Business Decisions on Accurate Real-Time Data

Drive value to the forefront of every objective

With an all-inclusive project portfolio management solution, your workforce can concentrate solely on driving value in investment, products and services to the forefront of every initiative. Base business decisions on accurate capacity data, invest confidently with aligned resources and choose, without risk, the areas your business can develop.

Enhance Strategic Planning to Benefit Products and Services

Deliver transparency and maintain compliance

Strategic planning not only enhances the productivity of staff and protocols, but also increases the efficiency of bringing products to market and services to customers. Your business can strategically plan for industry and organizational standards, minimizing delays and spiraling budgets, while also maintaining transparency across hierarchies to maintain compliance, without affecting delivery.

Portfolio Analytics Any Way You Choose

Improve evaluation, reporting and assessment of delivery

Continually improve the measurement and analysis of deliverables with the efficiency and accuracy of KeyedIn Projects. Streamlined project portfolio management solutions can help your business monitor effectiveness, actively manage resources, adapt to scope and resources, maintain communication and manage risk and processes, all from one easy-to-use dashboard. KeyedIn Projects doesn’t stop once you have planned for each project - instead it continues to adapt and grow, adjusting to changes and modifications as and when required.