Clinical Analytics, Cost Transparency, Rising Pharmacy Costs and the Digital Consumer are all driving intense & disruptive change in the Healthcare industry. Can your PPM Tool deliver the strategic focus you need?

It's time to adapt and deliver value.


Streamline Your Resource and Budget Management Efforts

Reduce capacity gaps

A more comprehensive and efficient project management system can massively improve your budget and resource allocation processes. Time tracking, task sharing, audit trails and planning tools can ensure that resources are better distributed to achieve objectives, while also guaranteeing the right talent has the required capacity to complete projects within budget, scope and time-frame. KeyedIn Projects will continue to help control budgets and resources by improving your resource management - based on accurate tracking and real-time data - and will help you retain an efficient and productive project management organization.

Invest Time, Resources and Funding Effectively

Mitigate risk

An integral aspect of any healthcare project is risk assessment and performance indicators, used to help specify the resources required and define the scope of a project, as well as to define deliverables and enhance processes. KeyedIn Projects has a number of dashboards, customizable for your requirements, giving full visibility of qualitative and quantitative data, performance and risk assessment metrics. This means issues can be addressed immediately and mistakes rectified, re-allocating resources, budget or time where required, to systematically deliver projects on time and on budget.

Better Control Regulatory Compliance

Deliver on-time and on-budget

With streamlined resource, budget and scope allocation - management processes, regulations, processes and protocols will be better met, well within time and budget. Detailed logging and tracking helps capture analytical data, providing in-depth reports for stakeholders, regulatory bodies and officials, creating a strategic, safe and efficient project management environment.

Improve Collaboration Across the Whole Organization

Bring teams together

KeyedIn Projects works in sync with your whole organization to keep everyone up to date and on track. Helping to manage resources and budgets across departments and offices more efficiently, as well as effectively continue to improve, adapt and streamline your project management processes.