Global competition, SaaS, skills shortages and complex user requirements are all driving intense change for high tech companies. Can your project portfolio management solution deliver the strategic focus you need to gain a competitive advantage to ignite change and drive growth?

It's time to adapt and deliver value.


Plan, Manage and Measure Business Critical Projects

Align projects with business goals

Your projects are your value contribution to the business. Align projects to business goals from the top down and achieve bottom up execution with continuous feedback and improvement built in. Manage project intake, scale execution and drive home results you can measure. Learn more about how KeyedIn provides end-to-end portfolio management solutions so your team can focus on getting projects done.

Gain Efficiency - Regardless of Methodology

Achieve consistent governance

Whether your team is agile, waterfall, stage gate, or something entirely unique to your business, manage all projects in a single solution. Easily integrate your system with other business units to centralize data and break down silos. Don’t let different project methodologies slow you down. Retain governance and process without sacrificing flexibility.

Designed For Early Adoption. Built to Scale With You

Simple and easy to use software

High tech leaders know software is only as beneficial as it is used. Invest in a solution that is easy to use and flexible so your team will actually adopt it. KeyedIn Projects provides solutions that align to your team’s project management maturity level and will grow with you as you scale.

Gain Visibility and Report on What Matters Most to Your Business

Data driven decisions

Business growth comes from innovative solutions. That’s why KeyedIn provides teams with the ability see what resources are working on at any given time so you can ensure they are assigned to the highest value work. Don’t waste time on projects that won’t move the needle. Use data to drive decisions and easily report progress so there’s never a question on when projects will be completed.