Cloud, IOT and the demand for customized solutions are all driving disruptive and intense change for Telecoms. Can your project portfolio management software deliver the strategic focus you need to gain a competitive advantage in this whole new world of opportunities?

It's time to adapt and deliver value.


Align Objectives and Strategy with Systematic Approach

Improve stakeholder engagement

An advanced project portfolio management solution will effortlessly align company objectives, goals and workload, creating a more efficient and productive company. Keep stakeholders, management, investors, staff and customers content by meeting objectives on time, within budget and scope, enabling your business to bring a range of competitive and innovative products to market.

Concentrate Investment in Viable Operations

Deliver transparency and maintain compliance

KeyedIn Projects helps your business evolve with a strategic approach to investment and resources, based on accurate data and real-time information. Quickly address struggling projects and realign resources to concentrate on profitable initiatives with the help of easy-to-navigate dashboards relaying vital project status information. Minimize risk and maximize portfolio potential at every stage of the project lifecycle, continuing investment in high-value products as much as you can.

Coordinate with Everyone Involved in the Project Life Cycle

Communicate and collaborate with ease

Internally, or externally, all integral team members can communicate, collaborate and share workload, projects and ideas to better the project life cycle. Time will be accurately logged, remaining time automatically updated and resources re-allocated and realigned with ease. KeyedIn Projects allows you to seamlessly manage all projects, allocate resources and keep within scope, relying on accurate data from all parties.

Review, Evaluate and Collate Feedback on any Project

Improve customer service and delivery

Thanks to detailed tracking and accurate data, each and every project can be reviewed and evaluated, creating key takeaways and future objectives based on successes or failures. Reports can be easily created for clients or stakeholders, featuring complex analytical data or clear, visual overviews of project progress. Feedback will continue to move your business forward, allowing you to concentrate on bringing innovation to the telecoms market and improving both customer service and delivery.