Increase Productivity and Improve Agile Delivery

KeyedIn v7.3 is the first major release of 2021 delivering exciting changes to our market-leading project portfolio management solution. Highlights of this release include a new Kanban-style Task Board, which allows users to seamlessly switch between a Gantt chart planning tool and the Task Board, depending on which best fits the work in progress. The Task Board gives portfolio leaders flexibility in how they track Agile projects – either natively in KeyedIn or through integration with Jira or similar tools. In addition, v7.3 incorporates several reporting enhancements, including the ability to define and execute PowerPoint reports for the first time. Users can also now embed iFrame widgets into KeyedIn dashboards, to bring data from third-party products into the KeyedIn ecosystem for integrated visibility.

Multinational Capabilities

All of the features outlined here are accessible by multi-national companies. 
Thanks to powerful project accounting capabilities, KeyedIn supports ALL
currencies and exchange rates. In addition, the product is available in these languages:

English (US)
English (UK)

Spanish (Spain)
Spanish (Mexico)

Portuguese (Portugal)
Portuguese (Brazil)

More New Features

KeyedIn v7.3

    • Kanban style Task Board
    • Output reporting data to customer defined PowerPoint templates
    • iFrame widget
    • Enhanced report writer

KeyedIn v7.2

  • Product Portfolio Management
  • Dynamic Demand Modeling 
  • A new Gantt Chart & Report Writer
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KeyedIn v7.1

  • Portfolio waterlining 
  • Cloning existing portfolios
  • Faster forecasting search options
  • Restyled menu bar
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KeyedIn v7

  • Team-based Agile resourcing
  • Advanced self-service report writer
  • Integration with CAST for product portfolio analysis
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KeyedIn v6.5

  • Combining strategic resourcing with task-level resource assignments
  • Simplified secure access for external users
  • Forecast creation from a task plan
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New Gantt Charts

  • Improved, modern look and feel with a user experience focus
  • Intuitive resource availability within gantt
  • Seamless export to MS Project
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Custom Reporting API

  • Connect with BI or other tools for custom reporting
  • Project API GET enhancements
  • New Project Create and status update API
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Portfolio Kanban and UI Updates

  • Define notifications to be sent for status movements
  • Web hook notifications for workflow or project changes
  • Project Audit for all changes made to a project by date
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KeyedIn v6.3

  • Gantt performance
  • New review screen
  • Forecast improvements
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KeyedIn v6.2

  • “What if” scenario planning
  • Automated prioritization
  • RESTful API
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KeyedIn v6 Mobile Update

  • Improved collaboration
  • Push notifications
  • Expense claim improvements
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KeyedIn v6.1

  • My Projects resource tab
  • Non-reimbursable expenses
  • Simplified navigation
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KeyedIn v6

  • Reimagined UI
  • Configurable workspaces
  • Visual capacity planning

KeyedIn v5.8.4

  • Complete Deliverables early
  • Exclude overtime
  • Data view updates