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Portfolio Selection and Prioritization

Align Projects and Resources

  • Define your own Portfolio Selection Criteria
  • Quickly Build Scenarios
  • Analyze the Impact of Adding New Projects to the Portfolio
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Simplify the Management and Tracking of Key Deliverables

  • Enhance your Strategic Planning Process
  • Improve Executive Insight
  • Easily Analyze the Status of Deliverables
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Program Forecasting and Budgeting

Standardize the Forecasting of Program Costs

  • Build Enterprise-Level Forecasts
  • Roll-up Execution-Level Forecasts
  • Analyze budget performance
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Project Costing

Standardize and Streamline Project Cost Forecasting

  • Forecast Resource Costs
  • Plan Expenditure
  • Track Time, Cost and Revenue
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Project Financial Management

Simplify the Project Budgeting and Forecasting Process

  • Support Top Down and Bottom Up Project Budgeting
  • Standardize Financial Forecasting
  • Real Time Visibility into the Financial Glide Path of Projects
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Resource Allocation

Supply Best-Fit Available Resources to Your Highest Value Projects

  • Easily Schedule Resources
  • Analyse Resource Utilization
  • Manage Out Conflicts and Assess Resource Capability
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Project Demand Planning

Accurately Predict Your Capability To Deliver Projects

  • Easily Input Demand
  • Compare Resource Demand against Capability
  • Supply Resources to Fulfil Demand
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Resource Utilization

Improve Visibility and Management of Resource Utilization Levels

  • Efficiently Schedule Resource
  • View Project Specific Resource Allocations
  • Analyse Spare Capacity
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Task Management

Improve the Planning and Tracking of Project Tasks

  • Create Simple Task Lists
  • Easily Review Task Progress
  • Easily Assign Resources to Tasks
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Team Collaboration

Enable Project Team Members to Collaborate with Ease

  • Easily View Work & Deadlines
  • Access Shared Resource Calendars
  • Keep Up To Date With Communication Streams
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Empower Your Mobile Workforce

  • Quickly Capture Timesheets
  • Intuitive Expense Entry
  • Easily View Your Task Assignments
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Project Collaboration

Share Knowledge With Project Team Members

  • Keep The Project Team Informed
  • Easily Share Project Documents
  • Share Knowledge Through Lessons Learned
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Project Expense Management

Improve Expense Capture, Reimbursement and Billing

  • Easily Input Out of Pocket Expenses
  • Submit Expenses for Authorization and Payment
  • Accept & Reject Expense Reports
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Project Issue Tracking

Log, Track and Resolve Issues Faster

  • Create a Central Repository of all Project Issues
  • Import Issues from Templates
  • Define Your Resolution Plan Actions
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Project Planning

Simplify the Creation and Management of Project Plans

  • Make Planning Simple with Interactive Gantt Charts
  • Check In/Check Out Project Plans
  • Import Tasks from Templates or MS Project
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Project Progress Tracking

Easily Track the Progress and Status of Projects and Tasks

  • Easily View Planned Work and Deadlines
  • Easily Update Task % Complete
  • Consistently Review Project, Task and Assignment Progress
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Project Risk Management

Improve the Management and Mitigation of Project Risks

  • Centrally View and Manage all Project Risks
  • Import Risks from Project Templates
  • Define your Mitigation Actions
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Project Scheduling

Improve the Planning and Allocation of Project Resources

  • Automate Project Planning and Task Scheduling
  • Encourage Team Collaboration
  • Track and Manage Project Budgets
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Project Status Reporting

Provide a Consistent Approach to Project Status Reporting

  • Quickly View the Status of Projects
  • Update Resource, Budget and Financial Status
  • View a Full Project Status Archive
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Project Time Billing

Improve the Billing of Project Based Time and Expenses

  • Easily View Billing Status by Project
  • Quickly and Efficiently Create Invoices
  • View Real Time Billing Alerts
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Contract Management

Simplify the Management of Complex Billing Contracts

  • Reduce Billing Errors
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Drive Profitability
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Project Hierarchies

Manage Projects Across Your Unique Project Hierarchy

  • Define the Hierarchy to Fit Your Organization Structure
  • Roll-Up and Drill-Down Capabilities
  • Build Bespoke Portfolios
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Program Resourcing

Balance Resources Across Programs

  • Find The Right People To Meet Demand
  • Allocate Supply To Demand
  • Manage Conflicts
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Program Status

Gain Complete Visibility & Control Over Program Status

  • Track Project Progress
  • Monitor Program Risks
  • Scrutinize Program Issues
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